Mastering Customer Due Diligence

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MIA Accredited | 4.5 hours Core in terms of the Accountancy Board’s CPE scheme

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The half-day seminar will deal with the application of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) measures by persons subject to the Prevention of Money Laundering & Funding of Terrorism Regulations (PMLFTR).  This will cover the essential elements, including:

  • Identification and verification procedures (for both the applicant for business and beneficial owner/s);
  • Determining the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship; and
  • Conducting ongoing monitoring.

The seminar will include a focus on both Simplified Due Diligence (SDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) procedures.

Specific areas that will also be covered include:

  • Customer screening;
  • Source of wealth and source of funds;
  • Money laundering risk factors and risk ratings;
  • The development of a Customer Acceptance Policy;
  • Reliance on other subject persons or third parties; and
  • Timing of CDD procedures.

The presentations will offer practical solutions, and will also address a number of frequently asked questions.


Antonio Ghirlando is a seasoned financial crime compliance specialist, focussing primarily on the prevention of money laundering, countering the funding of terrorism, combatting proliferation finance and sanctions.

He is currently the Head of Compliance at Diligex Limited, where he leads a team of professionals in providing real-time operational support, specialist advice and strategic solutions to an array of local and international clients seeking to ensure ongoing compliance with their regulatory obligations.

Antonio had previously served as the Legal & Compliance Manager within the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU).  In this role he was responsible for the Section within the FIAU tasked with the monitoring of compliance of persons and entities subject to anti-money laundering obligations as well as the Unit’s Legal & International Relations Section.  He was also primarily responsible for the training of compliance officers and subject persons alike.

During his career Antonio also headed the Financial Crime Unit of one of the local banks and had served as the Secretary General of the Malta Bankers’ Association (MBA).  In this latter position he co-ordinated the banks’ efforts on AML/CFT issues.  These included practical measures relating to the implementation of the salient legislative provisions as well as the finalisation of position papers on various proposals and developments.  He was also tasked with representing the banking sector on the Joint Committee for the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Funding of Terrorism as well as at the European Banking Federation.

Antonio has presented numerous papers at national and international workshops, seminars and conferences.  He also remains actively involved in the provision of training, including specially designed in-house courses.

Antonio is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Event Details

Start date: 27/09/2017

Start time: 09:00

End time: 14:30

Venue: Landmark Business Centre - Hal Qormi

Phone: +356 27555560 / +356 79555560