Society Education has uploaded the event programme up till May 2018.  

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20, March 2018Legal and Fiscal Implications Relating to SuccessionThe Seminar should delve into the Legal and Fiscal Implications Relating to Succession. The sessions shall give an overview of the legal principles regulating succession in Malta (including Regulation (EU) 650/2012 …40.00 Inc VAT
22, March 2018Cost ReductionCost Reduction is philosophically the antithesis of Cost Cutting, but with the ability of getting the same results that Cost Cutting achieves, spread over a longer period of time, more …40.00 Inc VAT
27, March 2018General Accounting Principles for Small and Medium Sized Entities – GAPSMEThis seminar will be split into 2 in-depth sessions involving a number of practical case studies focusing on S.L.281.05, General Accounting Principles for Small and Medium-Sized Entities (GAPSME). The examples …80.00 Inc VAT
5, April 2018Family Business ActFor the first time in Malta and on a pan European wide lever Malta has introduced enabling legislation specifically to encourage the regulation of family businesses, their governance and the …40.00 Inc VAT
17, April 2018Salient Provisions of the Value Added Tax (VAT) ActThe three sessions will go through the salient provisions of the VAT legislation from a practical point of view and will analyse the general VAT principles and the day to day …120.00 Inc VAT
10, April 2018Value Added Tax | Malta 201808:45 | Registration & Welcome Coffee Break 9:00 | Introduction Dr Ramona Azzopardi | Partner, WH Partners 9:05 | Recent Developments in VAT Dr Sarah Cassar Torregiani | VAT Lawyer …130.00 Inc VAT
12, April 2018Protection of Minority Shareholders - S402The lecture will seek to analyse Section 402 of the Companies Act and how this affords protection to minority shareholders through the various remedies that it offers. In addition the …40.00 Inc VAT
19, April 2018Employment Law UpdatesThe seminar will provide attendees with an update on the most recent legal developments in Maltese and European employment law and related legislation, and shall also delve into recent judgments …40.00 Inc VAT
26, April 2018Audit Evidence and DocumentationThis training focuses on the concept of sufficient and appropriate audit evidence in support of audit findings and the manner in which this evidence is documented in the audit working …40.00 Inc VAT
28, March 2018Notional Interest Deduction Rules of 2018 | Guidelines Published by the Commissioner for RevenueThe seminar will discuss The Notional Interest Deduction Rules of 2018 and the Guidelines published  by the Inland Revenue. The Rules will be discussed in the context of some recent …40.00 Inc VAT
3, May 2018Management Accounts“Most business managers know the importance of finance in a business but fewer are aware of the potential that management accounting have.  It can transform the  accounting process into an …40.00 Inc VAT
10, May 2018The Role of the Company Secretary, Company Registration and Filing of DocumentsThe role of the Company Secretary –        Eligibility to be appointed company secretary –        Role of the company secretary under Maltese law –        Potential liability of the company secretary under the Companies Act …40.00 Inc VAT
8, May 2018The Malta New Tonnage Tax SystemOn 19 December 2017 the European Commission delivered its State Aid decision relating to the Maltese Tonnage Tax Scheme and other State measures in favour of shipping companies and their …40.00 Inc VAT
17, May 2018Functions, Powers and Duties of DirectorsPowers The day-to-day running of the Company; Limits imposed on the managerial powers of the Directors under the Companies Act; Instances where the Board of Directors goes ultra-vires vis-à-vis the …40.00 Inc VAT
22, May 2018Fundamentals of Finance for Non AccountantsThe ability to understand, interpret and decide upon financial information that can help improve business performance and profitability. Sitting down in management meetings, listening to finance jargon and feeling lost …195.00 Inc VAT
22, May 2018Payroll & Fringe BenefitsAt the end of this course the participant will be able to: Describe the purpose of important entities such as Jobsplus, Inland Revenue Department and Social Security Department; Comply with …80.00 Inc VAT
24, May 2018Contributory PensionsThe Social Security Act (Chapter 318) provides for a Two-Thirds Pension Scheme and for a Retirement Pension Scheme with the first one providing an earnings related pension and the latter …40.00 Inc VAT
31, May 2018Malta Enterprise Support MeasuresSupport Measures In order to help its clients further improve their competitive edge, Malta Enterprise has developed various incentives for the promotion and expansion of industry and the development of …40.00 Inc VAT