Foundations, Associations & Voluntary Organisations – Repeat Session

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Wednesday 01 September 2021 | 09:30 (Europe/Malta)

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Foundations & Associations

  • The main players of the foundations and associations;
  • The most important provisions of the Statute of foundations and associations;
  • Various types of foundations and associations;
  • Main obligations of administrators;
  • Access of BO information of private foundations; and
  • The Register of Beneficial Owner and the main changes to it Penalties.

Voluntary Organisations

PART 1 – Voluntary Organisations ACT

  • Categories of Organisations;
  • Powers of Commissioner;
  • Mandatory Enrolment;
  • Suspension and Cancellation of Vos;
  • Prevention of Money Laundering and FT;
  • Offences and Penalties;
  • Investigations;
  • Trading Activities and Exceptions; and
  • Second Schedule to the Civil Code.

PART 2 – Subsidiary Legislation

A.   Annual Returns Legislation;

  • Scope;
  • Categories of voluntary organisations;
  • Submission of Annual Returns;
  • Statement of Public Accounts relating to Public Collections (Donations);
  • Remuneration to members and employees;
  • Powers of the Commissioner against defaulting voluntary organisations; and
  • Review Procedures by Commissioner.

B.   Public Collections

  • Scope;
  • Methods used to carry out public collections;
  • Tags and collection containers;
  • Submission of annual returns;
  • Remuneration to collectors and paid collectors;
  • Right of donors;
  • Data protection;
  • Review Procedures by the Commissioner;
  • Testamentary dispositions; and
  • Offences and penalties.

C.   Charity Shops

  • Scope;
  • Submission of annual returns;
  • Remuneration of members and employees;
  • Tags and rights of donors;
  • Waste collection;
  • Obligations of the charity shop operator;
  • Review procedures by the Commissioner; and
  • Offences and penalties.
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Dr Maria Schembri is a Senior Professional Officer at the Malta Business Registry. She graduated as a lawyer from the University of Malta and obtained a Diploma in Taxation from the Malta Institute of Taxation. During the law course, she gained notarial experience while visiting a Public Notarial office and obtained a warrant of a Notary. She further obtained a warrant of Lawyer and started her career as an associate with a leading accountancy and audit firm. She then joined another accountancy and audit firm wherein she was their sole legal advisor for providing legal and corporate services. She has been working with the Malta Business Registry for since September 2017. Currently, she works with the Malta Business Registry within the Foundations and Associations Unit.

Dr Maria Scicluna Criminale has graduated in Doctor of Laws in 2005.  She started her career in the Public Sector, whereby she was engaged with the Malta Resources Authority.   Ever since, she has been providing legal services to the Public Service for the past ten (10) years.  Dr Scicluna Criminale has been involved in various sectors including the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs and the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure.  She also provided legal services to the Engineering Profession Board (EPB), the Building Regulation Board (BRB) and the Building Industry Consultative Council (BICC). Her expertise is Administrative Law, EU Affairs and Criminal Law.  Dr Scicluna Criminale is currently engaged with the Voluntary Sector and she has contributed significantly to the amendments of the Voluntary Organisations Act 2018 and 2020 and its subsidiary legislation. Dr Scicluna Criminale currently works as a lawyer at the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

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Day 1: 01/09/2021

Start time: 09:30 CEST

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