Upcoming Events

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4, October, 2023Group TaxationThis session will delve into the various Maltese income tax concepts related to groups, including the ‘group relief provisions’ in terms of articles 16 – 22 of the Income Tax …40.00 Inc VAT
5, October, 2023Application of GDPR - Practical Considerations for BusinessesApplication of the principles enshrined under the GDPR, and modern data protection legislation can seem daunting to businesses, especially those who are not used to following complex regulatory rules. Hence, …40.00 Inc VAT
6, October, 2023Ratio AnalysisIn modern business data is becoming ever more abundant. The challenge is turning that data into useful insights and actionable information. In this session we will discuss the importance of …40.00 Inc VAT
9, October, 2023The DAC 7 Guidelines and their Implications for Maltese LandlordsIn September 2023, the Tax and Customs Administration released its guidelines in relation to the DAC7 reporting obligations of Platform Operators. The seminar will discuss the guidelines on the context …40.00 Inc VAT
10, October, 2023VAT Considerations Relevant to E-CommerceIn this session, the speaker will delve into the VAT changes that have been introduced over the past few years and the resulting impact on e-commerce, providing examples of how …40.00 Inc VAT
11, October, 2023Auditing Corporate GovernanceThe concept of corporate governance is nowadays given much publicity.  And rightly so, since good governance is the cornerstone of a successful organisation.  Nevertheless, despite all the guidance and literature …40.00 Inc VAT
12, October, 2023Accounting for Tangible and Intangible Non-Current Assets under IFRSNon-current assets, also referred to as fixed assets, are those resources from which future economic benefits are expected to flow to an entity, and which are mostly meant for long …40.00 Inc VAT
13, October, 2023Fundamentals of Project ManagementThe Fundamentals of Project Management is a seminar to understand, appreciate and be able to select the key tools and methodologies of project management that can be applied by anyone …40.00 Inc VAT
17, October, 2023AML/CFT Obligations for Accountants and Auditors - An OverviewAccountants and Auditors have been subject persons with AML/CFT obligations for many years across the EU.  Earlier this year, Malta’s FIAU sector-specific Implementing Procedures came into force. Are there any …40.00 Inc VAT
18, October, 2023Trading on the Malta Stock ExchangeInvestors have witnessed a sell-off in equity markets so far this year. We will analyse what is driving the stock market in 2022 and the outlook going forward.  We will …40.00 Inc VAT
19, October, 2023IFRS Standards - An OverviewThese sessions cover the main accounting standards under the IFRS framework including latest developments. As IFRS are constantly changing, these sessions serve as a comprehensive but concise refresher. The following …80.00 Inc VAT
20, October, 2023The Continuation of Companies Into and Out of Malta following the transposition of the EU Mobility DirectiveDuring this seminar attendees will be provided with an overview of the Continuation of Companies Regulations and the new Cross-Border Conversions of Limited Liability Companies Regulations with particular focus on …40.00 Inc VAT
24, October, 2023Employment Issues - A Virtual ConferenceTuesday 24 October 2023 09:00 | Recent Employment Related Case Law Dr Paul Gonzi | Fenech & Fenech Advocates This session will delve into the most recent and topical case …100.00 Inc VAT
25, October, 2023The Role of a Compliance Officer & MLRO within a CSP ContextThe session will focus on the responsibilities of the Compliance Officer and the MLRO for entities that are licensed by the MFSA as Company Service Providers (CSPs). An introduction to …40.00 Inc VAT
30, October, 2023The BEFIT Proposal and the Maltese Tax SystemOn 12 September 2023 the European Commission  published its proposal for a Council Directive on Business in Europe: Framework for Income Tax (BEFIT), a proposal that would have a profound …40.00 Inc VAT
31, October, 2023The Head Office Tax Proposal and the Maltese Tax SystemOn 12 September 2023 the European Commission published its proposal for a Council Directive establishing a Head Office Tax Systems for micro, small and medium sized enterprises. The webinar will …40.00 Inc VAT
6, November, 2023The Budget Speech 2024The seminar will provide valuable insights into the proposed changes as outlined during The Budget Speech 2024 focusing on prospective amendments made to the Income Tax Act, VAT Act, Duty …40.00 Inc VAT
13, November, 2023New VAT Guidelines - HealthcareOn 5 September 2023, the Tax and Customs Administration published an important guideline relating to the VAT treatment of Healthcare Services. The webinar will analyse the guideline note in the …40.00 Inc VAT