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20, February, 2024The Impact of DAC 8 on Crypto AssetsThe Council of the European Union has issued Directive 2023/2226, known as DAC8, amending Directive 2011/16/EU on 17 October 2023. DAC8 relates to tax cooperation and seeks to extend the …40.00 Inc VAT
21, February, 2024Distribution of ProfitsThis webinar will mainly delve into: The determination of distributable profits taking into account the applicable tax charge; The allocation of profits within the five tax accounts; and The applicable …40.00 Inc VAT
22, February, 2024Capital ExpenditureCapital projects are essential for an organisation.  It is not a rare occasion that a firm attains competitive advantages and a greater standing in the market via capital projects.  Modigliani …40.00 Inc VAT
27, February, 2024Insolvency Framework, Preventive Restructuring and Money LaunderingThe session will give an overview of the new insolvency framework introduced in Maltese law as a result of the coming into force of EU Directive 2019/1023. Moreover, the session …40.00 Inc VAT
28, February, 2024VAT Compliance, Obligations & PenaltiesThe session will focus on the main VAT compliance and other obligations, and the respective implications if not fulfilled, including: VAT Chargeability – Who is obliged to charge Maltese VAT; …40.00 Inc VAT
29, February, 2024IAS 1 - Presentation of Financial Statements & IAS 7 - Statements of Cash FlowA complete set of financial statements comprises a statement of financial position, a statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income, a statement of changes in equity and a …40.00 Inc VAT
5, March, 2024Tax Administration for Companies - Deadlines & Tax Return in PracticeThis webinar will give an overview of the administrative procedures required by Companies to comply with their income tax obligations. This webinar will also give an overview of how to …40.00 Inc VAT
6, March, 2024VAT - Yachting & AviationVAT & Yachting During the session, we will go in detail through the relevant VAT provisions which are frequently applied in the Yachting industry as well as the general VAT …80.00 Inc VAT
7, March, 2024Termination of Employment & Its ImplicationsThis seminar will cover the various ways of how the employment relationship can be terminated and the ensuing consequences which may result for both the employer and the employee. Constructive …40.00 Inc VAT
8, March, 2024Filing of Suspicious Transaction ReportsBusinesses, especially those susceptible to exploitation by financial criminals, are at the forefront of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Their AML/CFT obligations include monitoring transactions for signs …40.00 Inc VAT
11, March, 2024Deferred Tax | IAS 12 - Income TaxesIAS 12 Income Taxes implements what is known as the full or comprehensive balance sheet approach of accounting for income taxes. Under this approach, an entity recognises both the current …40.00 Inc VAT
12, March, 2024Accounting for Fixed Assets and Related StandardsThis session shall go over the main IFRS standards dealing with fixed assets, namely IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment, IAS 38 Intangible Assets and IAS 40 Investment Property. The …40.00 Inc VAT
14, March, 2024Filing a Risk Evaluation Questionnaire 2024 as a CSP - A GuidelinesThe webinar will provide guidance on the contents of the REQ in a CSP context, for both CSPs that are legal entities and those who are individuals. The webinar will …40.00 Inc VAT
15, March, 2024Responsibilities and Duties of Directors & Company SecretariesIn this course we will explore the legal framework and fiduciary duties governing directors, including distinctions between executive, non-executive, and independent directors. The duty of care will be discussed, emphasizing …40.00 Inc VAT
20, March, 2024Dividends, Interest and RoyaltiesThis session will be delving into the tax treatment of Dividends, Interest and Royalties, including the practical implications of arriving at the tax charge, the relevant exemptions as per the …40.00 Inc VAT
21, March, 2024Navigating AML/CFT: Understanding & Assessing RisksAll subject persons are obliged to implement a risk-based approach, in line with the FATF’s recommendations. Primarily, subject persons should focus on assessing the AML/CFT risk posed to the entity …40.00 Inc VAT
22, March, 2024Auditing SMEsAn audit is an audit, and auditors and clients alike have had to contend with such a concept for ages.  Proportionality has hardly ever applied to small company audits in …40.00 Inc VAT
25, March, 2024The Commissioner Investigative PowerThe webinar will discuss the Powers of the Commissioner for Revenue as expanded by recent legislation, examining mechanisms for the review of such powers.40.00 Inc VAT
26, March, 2024MBR - The Register of Beneficial Owners & Onsite InspectionsThe Register of Beneficial Owners (Commercial partnerships) & Onsite Inspections The speaker will delve into the Register of Beneficial Owners of commercial partnerships and red flags for issues relating to …40.00 Inc VAT
27, March, 2024Building Winning TeamsEffective teamwork is the lifeblood of an organisation and teams can make or break the success of any business. Many leaders make the mistake of building there teams solely around …40.00 Inc VAT
27, March, 2024Income Tax ConsolidationFurther to the introduction of the Consolidated Group (Income Tax) Rules in 2019, tax consolidation has become an option for Maltese companies. This session shall focus on the eligibility for …40.00 Inc VAT
28, March, 2024Cross Border Transactions in Services - A VAT PerspectiveThis webinar will consider, from a technical and practical perspective, the VAT treatment of cross-border supplies of services and will, in particular, examine the various place of supply rules which …40.00 Inc VAT