Investors have witnessed a sell-off in equity markets so far this year. We will analyse what is driving the stock market in 2022 and the outlook going forward.  We will look into the strengths of different economies and how stock markets work.  Then, we will delve even further into the world of investments: each lesson takes you through different types of investments: stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You’ll learn how each investment works, and how to trade them on both the local and foreign markets.  We will then go through the process of building a portfolio depending on the willingness and ability of the investor to take on risk.  Finally, you’ll learn about additional techniques and investments you can make that will help you to balance and diversify your portfolio.


Kristian Camenzuli is the Managing Director at Dominion. He is responsible for directing and controlling DFSML’s business operations whilst being responsible for giving strategic guidance to ensure that the Company achieves its financial vision, mission and long term goals. He also has oversight of the investment process being adopted by Dominion’s pension members/trust clients and the implementation of enhanced investment monitoring arrangements.

At Dominion we take a leading role in the setup, governance and management of fund and corporate structures enabling clients to invest in a variety of alternative asset classes. We do more to navigate the complex and constantly evolving world of regulatory and tax compliance as well as corporate governance to enable you to focus on your core business. Dominion.

He is CFA qualified and graduated with Honours in Economics from the University of Malta in 2005. Kristian has many years of experience working for local brokers where he was a House View Committee member and also sat on various investment committees.

He has extensive experience in Investment Management having managed a number of funds ranging from equity to balanced mandates, including both foreign and local investments.

Kristian also managed discretionary portfolios for corporate clients and carried out in depth research on equity investments. He was also the lead manager on a pension scheme offered by a local broker.

Kristian is also a regular contributor to the local press and carries out investment seminars. He is also a lecturer at the University of Malta.

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