This seminar will be useful for accountants, tax advisors and other professionals who advice their clients and their employees on various employment tax issues. The seminar will also address certain aspects of taxation of the most common type of income derived by taxpayers including the following topics:

  • Malta’s jurisdiction to tax employment income;
  • The Final Settlement System;
  • Taxation on Fringe Benefits;
  • Taxation of Part-Time employment income;
  • The treatment of employment income in terms of double tax treaties;
  • The treatment of income from employment abroad;
  • Highly qualified Persons;
  • Tax Advantages in Special Sectors;
  • Personal deductions against employment income in terms of Art 14A-F of the Income Tax Act.


Angie Said White joined Deloitte in 2015 and forms part of the Global Employer Services team where she focuses on individual tax client requirements and on employer’s tax related matters. Angie has more than twelve years’ practical knowledge and experience in various Tax Departments.

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