During this presentation we shall delve into all the forms that need to be submitted with the Registry of Companies once any form of legal entity is registered. All forms shall be explained thoroughly together with the purpose they serve, when to submit them to the Registry, if any form of payment has to be sent together with form, as well as penalties that could possibly be incurred if they are not submitted on time. In certain instances, additional documents such as lease agreements and identification documents just to mention a few have to be attached to the forms.  Apart from the statutory forms, Beneficial Ownership forms shall also be delved into.

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Dr Deandra Schembri is Senior Manager at the Registry of Companies Agency’s Legal and Enforcement Department. After graduating as a lawyer from the University of Malta she started her career with two different law firms where she used to offer legal advice to clients and also represent them before Tribunals and local Courts. She has been working at the Registry of Companies for the past eight years. She used to head the Refugees Appeals Board and was a member of the Immigration Appeals board and also a member of the Malta Independent Police Board.


Mark Schembri has been a Desk Officer at the Registry of Companies for the last six years and a half.  After obtaining the Honours Degree in Management from the University of Malta, he read for an MBA at the European University Malta Campus and he completed the Certificate for Financial Adviser (CEFA) at the IFS University College.  His first working experience was in a local Bank where he spent eight years and a half carrying out various tasks in several branches, in the Wealth Management Unit and in the IT Unit.  Currently, he is also testing the new Registry website which will be introduced in the nearby future.


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