In modern business data is becoming ever more abundant. The challenge is turning that data into useful insights and actionable information. In this session we will discuss the importance of data and analysis thereof. Some of the questions we will explore include:

  • How do we analyze and interpret financial statements?
  • What is a data-driven organization?
  • What data may be available that goes beyond the financial? How can we leverage this?
  • What tools are available for analysis?
  • How can we align strategy and data?

We will also explore a real-world example of financial statement interpretation and to what extent financial performance is reflected in share value.


Keith Cordina is a senior business strategist, working in direct consultation with the CMO at Leovegas Gaming p.l.c. An accountant by profession, he holds an MSc in accounting and finance from Warwick Business School. Keith has many years of experience in management consulting at KPMG advising clients on business planning, strategy and performance management. For the past four years he has specialized in strategy, data analysis in digital marketing, search traffic and affiliation, customer value and cost control. Keith also lectures at the KPMG academy.

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