For a project to be completed on time, on budget, and with high quality, the right mix of planning, monitoring, and controlling need to be applied.

Due to the high rate of project failures, it might be the case that one thinks that companies would look forward to just get the project done. But that is not reality. Organisations want projects to be finished however crucially on time, within budget, and of the best quality. This can only be achieved if effective project management processes and techniques are used.

Hereunder are the project phases that will be discussed during this seminar.

PROPOSAL – The first phase of a project is the development of the proposal, especially if this is to be quoted to a client. This includes the formulation of:

Aims & objectives; roles & responsibilities required to implement the project; possible constraints envisaged; project monitoring.

PLANNING – The planning stage follows and it is required to prepare for the following stage of implementation. This should follow what has been proposed and take into account:

Physical resources; financial resources; human resources; risk assessment; time management.

IMPLEMENTATION – This is an important phase as here is where all the planning will be exhibited. At this stage it is vital to:

Assign individually assigned tasks & support other team members; activity log.

WARNING SIGNS – Look for signs depicting that the project may be in trouble. These could include the following:

Financial variance analysis; delays; team morale; deterioration of quality & quality-control steps.

EVALUATION – Self-evaluation & peer-evaluation.

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Stephen Fenech main areas of business are management, finance and sustainable energy. Stephen holds a Henley Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy from the University of Malta. Stephen began his working career in 1992 in Finance as a group financial controller for a number of leading local companies and foreign owned companies.  These companies operated in various sectors such as construction, manufacturing, tourism, service providers and retail. Following this experience Stephen decided to move to management and after graduating from Henley UK in 2006 he moved to organisational management for a local cruise company. Later he joined a leading renewable energy company in the post of a GM.  This was at the time when this industry started to grow at a very fast rate. Stephen furthered his expertise by completing an MSc in sustainable energy in 2013. Currently Stephen is an independent consultant working in the field of management, business and renewables. He is also lecturing up to Masters level for 3 reputable management schools in subjects such as Finance, Economics, Business Mathematics, Marketing and Project Management. He is also a member of the Malta Institute of Management, Chamber of Engineers, Malta Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Association (M.E.E.R.E.A.) and Henley Alumni.

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