This session is aimed to assist existing payroll administrators to refresh their knowledge and understanding in the following topics:

  • The purpose of important entities such as Jobsplus, Office of the Commissioner for Revenue and Social Security Department;
  • Comply with payroll related tax and national insurance contribution compliance obligations;
  • Identify and be able to complete FSS forms;
  • Compile payroll compliance documentation;
  • Advise employees on a number of employment programs (ex: HQE);
  • Advise on the Malta tax implications which apply to foreign workers in Malta;
  • Identify which rate of tax a particular employee qualify for (Single / Married / Parental);
  • Identify different Social Security categories and calculate national insurance payments for employees and self-employed individuals;
  • Tax and Social Security Contributions implications on crew members working on a vessel.
  • Compute fringe benefits and tax calculations;
  • Execute computations relating to Main Deduction Formula, Part-Time and Other Emoluments Deduction methods.
  • Single Application Procedures


Angie Said White joined Deloitte in 2015 and forms part of the Global Employer Services team where she focuses on individual tax client requirements and on employer’s tax related matters. Angie has more than twelve years’ practical knowledge and experience in various Tax Departments.

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