All subject persons are obliged to implement a risk-based approach, in line with the FATF’s recommendations. Primarily, subject persons should focus on assessing the AML/CFT risk posed to the entity as a whole through the preparation of a business risk assessment. This is done in tandem with two other risk assessments; the customer risk assessment and the jurisdictional risk assessment. Seminar participants will enhance their knowledge on the relevant obligations resulting from the respective regulations and the Implementing Procedures, and practical ways to prepare and update the abovementioned risk assessments.

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Dr Bjorn Camilleri graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) in 2019 after having presented his dissertation entitled “The Freedom of Contract of Footballers in Malta in the light of the Principles of European Law”. He obtained his Master of Advocacy in 2020 from the University of Malta. Today, Dr Bjorn Camilleri heads the Employment Law at his current workplace and assist clients with a wide range of matters, including employment contracts, workplace policies, discrimination issues, and dispute resolution. As an expert in AML/CFT Law (CAMS certified), Dr Bjorn Camilleri helps businesses ensure compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations, guiding them in implementing effective measures to mitigate risks and maintain regulatory adherence.