The Webinar will:

  • Deliver powerful, memorable presentations that audiences will remember and act upon;
  • Connect with the audience emotionally in a way that successfully persuades, influences and informs;
  • Look, sound and feel confident while presenting and speaking in public;
  • Grab the audience‚Äôs attention right from the start and keep it;
  • Identify key messages for maximum clarity and impact.
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Jes Camilleri has contributed to the growth and success of a number of different organisations, in different industries and in a variety of senior management roles locally and overseas. His ability to achieve results by harnessing and developing the qualities of the various team-members under his leadership led him to become an accredited coach and transition into the world of learning and development. Jes is also a well-known actor on the local theatre scene and his unique ability to engage an audience can be experienced in his training delivery.

Events Resources

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