Managing a team and/or department is an arduous task because one is dealing with different individuals who have diverse experiences, expectations and knowledge. This was further compounded by the increase in workforce diversity in Malta since the manager needs to deal with individuals who have diverse cultural backgrounds. In this seminar attention is devoted to key management functions, such as planning, control and leadership. Emphasis is also placed on motivating staff, change management and human resource management. Key techniques will be discussed in this course and applied on different case studies.

How you will benefit:
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities.
  • Understand how to succeed in today’s changing environment.
  • Be aware of various techniques you may utilize when dealing with employees in difficult situations.
  • Be able to communicate effectively your organizations goals and objectives.
  • Be able to effectively delegate and coach leading to enhanced motivation and productivity.
Your will learn:
Defining your role.

–        Understanding the importance of your role at the work place.

–        Creating a successful team environment.

Leadership styles

–        Arriving at your leadership style.

–        Assessing the possibility to flex your leadership style to achieve team success.


–        Determine the best application of the different modes of communication.

–        The necessity to have the right tools and skills for effective communication.

Motivational climate

–        Recognise motivators to enhance productivity.

Employment Law

–        Fundamentals of employment law.


–        Change model.

–        The signs of resistance to change.

–        The past vs the future.

Performance Management

–        Responsibilities when managing other’s performance.

–        The Personnel file.

–        A performance management process.

–        Expectations and consequential results achievement.


–        Constructive criticism – a two way process.

–        Coaching – establishing your strengths and weaknesses.


–        The benefits and barriers to delegation.

–        What is to be delegated.

–        The process to delegate effectively.

–        Assess your workload and decided what can be delegated.

Team development

–        The elements of an effective team.

–        Problem solving in difficult times.

The action pan

–        Putting everything together.

–        Strategies for continuous learning and development.

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Dr Simeon Spiteri is a Chartered Public Accountant operating in Malta who specialises in entrepreneurship, leadership, company valuation and financial analysis.  Dr Spiteri holds a PhD, a Master of Philosophy, a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Accountancy and Management.  He has been operating in the accountancy profession for 18 years and has also been engaged as a lecturer of accountancy, finance and management related subjects for 15 years.  Dr Spiteri provides financial consultancy services to business start-ups, and small and medium-sized organisations.