Accounting Perspective | Rachel Calleja | 23 November 2023

Within the gaming sector, one will come across various technical gaming jargon which ultimately impact the way in which accountants carry out their work. They also necessitate a number of specific reconciliations to be performed to ensure holistic, transparent and accurate accounting. This training session will delve into a number of industry specifics to actively understand the foundations of accounting within the gaming industry.

The objective of this training session is to gain a further understanding of the fundamental principles of accounting within the gaming sector. Attendees will advance their knowledge of the gaming terminology and gaming transactions of any licensed gaming company.

VAT Perspective | Kenneth Cremona | 30 November 2023

From an indirect tax point of view, the dynamics of the gaming industry require taxpayers to adhere to specific rules and guidelines issued by the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue in addition to general VAT rules as put forward by the VAT Act.  Determining whether a particular transaction would trigger VAT implications and the right of recovery is of utmost importance to firstly ensure compliance with such rules and guidelines and secondly, ensure VAT efficiency.

Particularly, this session will deal with the VAT implications triggered by different revenue streams which may be derived by gaming companies, the right of recovery of input VAT on expenditure linked to such different revenue streams and how the general VAT rules and specific regulations issued by the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue impinge the day-to-day indirect tax compliance thereof.


Rachel Calleja graduated with a Master in Accountancy from the University of Malta in 2020. Having joined RSM Malta in 2015, Rachel is now a senior accountant within the Outsourcing Department. Within this department, Rachel specialises in accounting, with a large portfolio of established clients within various industries, particularly, gaming, manufacturing, investments.



Kenneth Cremona graduated with a Master in Accountancy from the University of Malta in 2015. Kenneth joined RSM Malta in 2016, initially working on Income Tax Compliance dealing with clients established in multiple industries including Gaming, Immovable Property, Investments, Pharmaceuticals and Retail. During 2019, he specialised in VAT advisory and was promoted to a Supervisory role within the firm, and as an Assistant Manager in 2021. Kenneth is also a CPA warrant holder and received the Professional Certificate in Taxation issued by the Malta Institute of Taxation in 2017.