This session will give a detailed walkthrough of the various VAT considerations companies operating in the financial and insurance services sector should. The majority of such services are exempt from VAT, however there are other services which may be considered to be debatable, while naturally others which are chargeable for vat purposes. Hence, this session will discuss the definitions and scope of the exemption. In the absence of clear-cut legislative definitions, we will refer to CJEU case law and domestic practice and guidelines. The treatment of input VAT will also be evaluated, and moreover, the possible utilisation of partial attribution.

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Kenneth Cremona graduated with a Master in Accountancy from the University of Malta in 2015. Kenneth joined RSM Malta in 2016, initially working on Income Tax Compliance dealing with clients established in multiple industries including Gaming, Immovable Property, Investments, Pharmaceuticals and Retail. During 2019, he specialised in VAT advisory and was promoted to a Supervisory role within the firm, and as an Assistant Manager in 2021. Kenneth is also a CPA warrant holder and received the Professional Certificate in Taxation issued by the Malta Institute of Taxation in 2017.