The webinar will delve into the following:

  • Introduction;
  • Passwords & Two-Factor Authentication;
  • Removable Media;
  • Physical Security;
  • Mobile Device Security;
  • Working From Home (Remote Working);
  • Public Wi-Fi;
  • Internet and Email Use;
  • Social Engineering;
  • Phishing;
  • Conclusion; and
  • Q&A
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Luka Pace Bonello is an Information Security professional and Computer Science lecturer who has worked in a wide range of areas, including Network Engineering, Cyber Security Consultancy and Academia. Today, Luka’s main focuses are his role as an Information Security Analyst within the iGaming industry, as well as part-time lecturing for Bachelor’s Degrees in various fields of Computer Science. Luka believes that information is the most valuable asset for any organisation, and significant efforts towards its protection are key to the organisation’s survival.  He has a particular interest in the human-aspect of Information Security, firmly believing that an organisation’s employees could make or break its security posture, either acting as the strongest link in the chain, or the weakest. He understands that there is no single method that can be utilised to strengthen the security of an organisation and is therefore continuously modifying and adapting his approaches to best suit the reality at hand.

Luka received his education from Middlesex University London with a Master’s in Cyber Security & Pen Testing. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Networks from the same university. During his first year of university, Luka was awarded the ‘2nd in the World’ award for his performance in the NCC Level 4 Diploma in Computing across the body’s 150 global centres.