During this workshop we will cover:

  • Steps involved in effective problem solving & decision making
  • Exploring different and creative problem-solving techniques
  • Selecting & implementing decisions
  • Decision making paralysis: Why it happens and how to get un-stuck
  • Evaluating outcomes & reflecting on decisions taken.



Dr. Elaine Dutton PhD, is a strategic people advisor and executive coach, with over 11 years of experience in leading complex HR projects. Elaine’s experience spans across the public and private sectors, in diverse industries, including; i-Gaming, Financial Services, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Hospitality and the Health and Social Services. She has worked alongside a number of top executives and organisational decision makers, providing insight and supporting a wide array of in-house projects including; the setting up of talent management frameworks, change management, fostering high-performing organisational cultures, building the human capital of new start-ups, company downsizing and company closure. Having gained a sharp commercial acumen through her in-house HR experience, in 2020 Elaine forked her career into business consulting, assisting senior leadership teams on their people strategy, carrying out 360 reviews for top management executives, as well as training and coaching leaders at all levels.  Elaine is a warranted psychologist and obtained her PhD in Health Psychology in 2017 from the University of Brunel (London), where she applied both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how Maltese mothers manage their weight whilst juggling multiple responsibilities. As a psychologist, Elaine supported a number of individuals in reaching their personal health goals by applying strategies for behaviour change and assisting professionals from various sectors in addressing stress and burnout. Until 2017 Elaine was also a regular lecturer at the University of Malta, supervising post-graduate students and lecturing at the Institute of Health Sciences and the Faculty for Social Wellbeing.