Only 20% of start ups are successful after the first 5 years of business. Is luck the only factor that makes the difference?

In this Seminar we will discuss how a Business Plan can help to improve the chance of being successful. A good Business Plan will give a better understanding of the business requirements and outputs. We will also look at the differences between a Business Plan as compared to a Business Development Plan and show the completeness of the latter.

We will go through the various parts of the Business Plan and analyse its contribution to the success of the business.

We will also consider the various purposes of the Business Plan depending on the need of the organisation such as Strat-up, Re-Engineering, Development and obtain further funding.

The presentation will cover in detail the structure of a business plan along with key factors that should are important.  Practical examples will be provided in order to illustrate the preparation of this document.

Hereunder are the salient details:

  • An effective Executive Summary
  • Describing the business and its product or service;
  • Collecting data
  • The External Environmental scanning;
  • The Industry and Critical Success Factors;
  • The Marketing Plan;
  • The Operational Plan;
  • The Human Resource Plan;
  • Financial Forecast; and
  • Risk Assessment.
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Stephen Fenech main areas of business are management, finance and sustainable energy. Stephen holds a Henley Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy from the University of Malta. Stephen began his working career in 1992 in Finance as a group financial controller for a number of leading local companies and foreign owned companies.  These companies operated in various sectors such as construction, manufacturing, tourism, service providers and retail. Following this experience Stephen decided to move to management and after graduating from Henley UK in 2006 he moved to organisational management for a local cruise company. Later he joined a leading renewable energy company in the post of a GM.  This was at the time when this industry started to grow at a very fast rate. Stephen furthered his expertise by completing an MSc in sustainable energy in 2013. Currently Stephen is an independent consultant working in the field of management, business and renewables. He is also lecturing up to Masters level for 3 reputable management schools in subjects such as Finance, Economics, Business Mathematics, Marketing and Project Management. He is also a member of the Malta Institute of Management, Chamber of Engineers, Malta Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Association (M.E.E.R.E.A.) and Henley Alumni.

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