AML regulation and GDPR are seen as two compliance headaches which often clash with one another and which makes it difficult for operators know whether a certain act geared towards AML compliance may actually be in breach of GDPR. It is thus very important for operators to be well aware of the proper requirements of under AML, aswell as the limitations imposed under GDPR to balance both obligations. This seminar shall go through some of the challenges and clashes between the two legal regimes and seek to reconcile these as much as possible while also looking at some recent judgements on the subject.

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Dr Josef Cachia Fenech Gonzi, is the owner of Cachia Fenech Gonzi Advocates, which is a boutique law firm which specialises in corporate, regulatory, GDPR and commercial Law. He was previously Head of Legal at KSI Malta and worked with the firm for eight years. Josef has been working in the corporate industry for more than  a decade and has been involved in a number of small and large projects, ranging from regulatory reviews, compliance audits, AML/CFT advisory, prospects listings, GDPR audits and mergers & acquisitions. Josef currently also occupies the position of compliance officer and risk officer with several Class C CSPS as well as providing DPO services amongts other legal services provided to his clients.

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