Online Live Sessions

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30, May 2023Meetings, Resolutions and Minute Taking - A Company Law PerspectiveThe session will cover the concepts, requirements and procedures of company law with particular emphasis on the application and operation of the law. In this session the following topics relating …40.00 Inc VAT
6, June 2023VAT and Tax Perspective on Immovable PropertyWhat about income tax and VAT effects on immovable property? This two-part seminar will explore the impact of these taxes on real estate investments and outlines the rules and exceptions …80.00 Inc VAT
8, June 2023IFRS 15 - Revenue from Contracts with CustomersThe core principles under IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers are delivered in a five-step model, where entities recognise revenue to depict the transfer of control over the promised …40.00 Inc VAT
15, June 2023Accounting Technical IssuesPreparers of financial statements often face practical difficulties when applying accounting standards to certain technical areas of finance. In addition, the ever-evolving forms of economic activity present the practitioner with …40.00 Inc VAT
20, June 2023Completing a Company Tax ReturnThe seminar will focus on the relevant aspects to be considered when completing a company income tax return. This seminar will also include practical examples, including the reporting of such …40.00 Inc VAT
22, June 2023Responsibilities of Directors & Company SecretariesThe seminar will discuss the role and responsibilities of directors and company secretaries of Maltese companies. A number of practical examples of the responsibilities which directors and company secretaries are …40.00 Inc VAT
23, June 2023Civil and Fiscal Implications related to SuccessionCivil Implications This session will focus on the main civil law aspects of succession, including the opening of succession, testate vs. intestate succession, the reserved portion rules, the rules regulating …40.00 Inc VAT
27, June 2023Cyber SecurityThe webinar will delve into the following: Introduction; Passwords & Two-Factor Authentication; Removable Media; Physical Security; Mobile Device Security; Working From Home (Remote Working); Public Wi-Fi; Internet and Email Use; …40.00 Inc VAT
28, June 2023Financial InstrumentsThroughout this session we will be going through the main principles and requirements emerging from IFRS 9 Financial Instruments. IFRS 9 includes revised guidance on the classification and measurement of …40.00 Inc VAT
4, July 2023Management SkillsManaging a team and/or department is an arduous task because one is dealing with different individuals who have diverse experiences, expectations and knowledge. This was further compounded by the increase in workforce …249.00 Inc VAT
5, July 2023The MLRO - Duties & ResponsibilitiesThe role of the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) is crucial in ensuring that Subject Persons remain fully compliant with their financial crime compliance obligations and that they can immediately …100.00 Inc VAT
6, July 2023IAS 37 - Provisions, Contingent Liabilities & Contingent Assets | IAS 2 - InventoriesIAS 37 primarily outlines the accounting for present obligations arising from a past event i.e. provisions, measured at the best estimate of the expenditure required to settle the present obligation. …40.00 Inc VAT
11, July 2023VAT - The Right of DeductionThe right to claim back VAT incurred often gives rise to several questions/difficulties including: Eligibility of Input Tax Credit (Who is entitled to claim back input VAT) Evidence of Input …40.00 Inc VAT
13, July 2023Fraudulent & Wrongful TradingThis seminar will provide attendees with an overview of: the duties and restrictions placed upon directors and officers of a Maltese limited liability company in financial distress and approaching or …40.00 Inc VAT
18, July 2023Analysing FIAU Administrative Penalties and Dealing with Compliance VisitsThe session will analyse the administrative penalties issued by FIAU during the past years, which amount in excess of EUR 8 Million in 2021 alone. The main focus of the …40.00 Inc VAT
19, July 2023Mergers & Acquisitions of CompaniesThis course will provide an overview of the key steps in the Mergers and Acquisitions process from the inception up until the final agreements/conclusion of the transaction. This will aim …40.00 Inc VAT
20, July 2023Handling Conflict and DisagreementDuring this workshop we will cover: Understanding the nature of conflict & one’s relationship to it. Understanding & applying the 5 conflict management styles. The role of listening, empathy and …40.00 Inc VAT
25, July 2023General and Special Place of Supply RulesThe Place of Supply (“POS”) concept is vital for VAT purposes as taxpayers would determine where supplies of goods or services are deemed to have taken place. Determining the POS …40.00 Inc VAT
26, July 2023Trusts & Foundations: Distinctive Features, Legal Aspects & Practical UsesThis webinar focuses on the interplay between trusts and foundations including an analysis of their common characteristics as well as their distinctive features. This seminar will also delve into certain …40.00 Inc VAT
27, July 2023The Importance of Delegation at the WorkplaceIn today’s global competitive environment, with the continuous need to make the most efficient and effective use of resources, managing the time and activities of all human resources is essential.  …40.00 Inc VAT