Bankruptcy Prediction | Online Live Session

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Thursday 14 January 2021 | 14:00 (Europe/Malta)

Online Live Session

MIA Accreditation | 3 hours Core in terms of the Accountancy Board CPE scheme.

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Bankruptcy is one of the possible outcomes of financial distress.  Financial distress reflects the inability of an organisation to pay its financial obligations in a timely manner.  Bankruptcy is often regarded negatively because it leads to financial losses for investors and other stakeholders.

In this presentation, attention is devoted to models that can be adopted in order to identify organisations that are passing from financial distress and are at a high risk of bankruptcy.  Examples are provided in order to illustrate these models.  The phases of the downward spiral are discussed together with methods that can be used in order to diminish financial distress.  Mechanisms of financial distress resolution are also discussed in this presentation.



Dr Simeon Spiteri is a Chartered Public Accountant operating in Malta who specialises in entrepreneurship, leadership, company valuation and financial analysis.  Dr Spiteri holds a PhD, a Master of Philosophy, a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Accountancy and Management.  He has been operating in the accountancy profession for 18 years and has also been engaged as a lecturer of accountancy, finance and management related subjects for 15 years.  Dr Spiteri provides financial consultancy services to business start-ups, and small and medium-sized organisations.

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Day 1: 14/01/2021

Start time: 14:00 CET

End time: 17:15 CET

Venue: Online Live Session

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