Online Live Sessions

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1, December 2020Aspects of Maltese Company Law | A Virtual ConferenceTuesday, 01 December 2020 9:00 | Introduction Dr Geraldine Spiteri Lucas | MBR 9:05 | Recent Legislative Amendments Dr Deandra Schembri | MBR During this part the speaker will tackle recent …100.00 Inc VAT
2, December 2020New Regulations on Shipping and Aviation - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONIn recent years, Malta has witnessed a significant growth in the aviation industry, whilst reaffirming its market-leading stature in the maritime sector. Malta’s growing success in the aviation and maritime …40.00 Inc VAT
2, December 2020Effective Budgeting & Cost Control - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONBudgetary control is the most widely used tool for planning and monitoring organizational activities. Budgets are inextricably linked with both strategy formulation and cost analysis. For this reason, it is …40.00 Inc VAT
9, December 2020VAT Updates - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe session will discuss recent and upcoming changes to the VAT and related legislation together with important VAT related judgements delivered recently by the Court of Justice of the European …40.00 Inc VAT
10, December 2020Ratio Analysis - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONIn modern business, data is becoming ever more abundant. The challenge is turning that data into useful insights and actionable information. In this session we will discuss the importance of …40.00 Inc VAT
15, December 2020VAT Compliance, Obligations, Penalties & Assessments - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe session will delve in detail into the VAT compliance obligations of VAT registered persons. The session, which will be based on the principles established by the Maltese VAT Act …40.00 Inc VAT
17, December 2020What does BREXIT mean to Malta? | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe seminar will discuss salient provisions in the Agreement on the withdrawal of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the EU focusing on Residence rights (Articles 13-15), Rights of Workers …40.00 Inc VAT
14, December 2020Managing Human Resources Performance in Difficult Scenarios - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONDifficult Scenarios affect organisational performance as employees are called to do more than what is expected from them under normal circumstances. Such scenarios provide challenges, both organisational and personal, which …40.00 Inc VAT