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2, July 2020IFRS 9 from an Auditing Perspective - Implications of the Expected Loss Approach and Local Regulations to Achieve Financial Stability - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]In the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, there was an increased willingness from global accounting standard setters to work towards the objective of creating a single set of high-quality …40.00 Inc VAT
9, July 2020Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) Implementation in Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive Implementation in Malta: What is ATAD? Rules on tax avoidance practices Rule on hybrid mismatches Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules Switchover rules Exit Taxation Interest Limitation General …40.00 Inc VAT
16, July 2020Board Committees - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]A board of directors is required to be effective. In order to achieve this it is necessary for board members to understand their individual responsibilities. The Board is also required …40.00 Inc VAT
21, July 2020AML Compliance: An International Perspective - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Formed in 1989, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an intergovernmental body comprising the Group of Seven industrialized nations to set standards and foster international action against money laundering. …40.00 Inc VAT
17, June 2020COVID 19 | Some Legal Aspects - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The impact of COVID 19 has been unprecedented and its legal implications must be assessed carefully. The seminar will discuss some legal matters pertinent to COVID 19 including especially rental …40.00 Inc VAT
25, June 2020Beneficial Ownership - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Regulations require that subject person identify and verify and carry out customer due diligence on the beneficial owner/s of a customer. …40.00 Inc VAT
10, June 2020Cyber Crime Vs Cyber Security [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Cybercrime and Cybersecurity may be considered two sides of the same coin with intersecting processes surrounding their practises. Whilst the former broadly refers to crimes involving computers or the internet, the …30.00 Inc VAT
2, June 2020Personal Tax Return - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The seminar will include various case studies in relation to the completion of a Malta Income Tax return, with various sources of local and overseas income and deductions being taken …40.00 Inc VAT
3, June 2020General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]This training session will explore the requirements brought about following the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and the changes which this regulation introduced compared to previous data protection …40.00 Inc VAT
4, June 2020Enhancing Operational Cost Effectiveness Through Virtual Presence [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Modern organisations need to constantly seek to maintain and improve shareholder value whilst handling the needs of the ever-changing labour market. In so doing, organisations seek to find a balance …40.00 Inc VAT
9, June 2020The Role of the Company Secretary, Company Registration & Filing of Forms - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The role of the Company Secretary –        Eligibility to be appointed company secretary –        Role of the company secretary under Maltese law –        The potential liability of the company …40.00 Inc VAT
7, July 2020Value Added Tax Malta 2020 - An Online ConferenceTuesday, 07 July 2020 9:00 | Introduction Louise Grima 9:05 | VAT – A Year in Review Kenneth Cremona This session will provide an overview of the most significant VAT …95.00 Inc VAT
11, June 2020IAS 7 - Statements of Cash Flow [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The expression “cash is king” is not to be taken lightly when analyzing businesses or investment portfolios. As accountants, it is of paramount importance that inflows and outflows of cash …40.00 Inc VAT
16, June 2020Company Tax Return - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The aim of this seminar is to provide participants with an understanding of the process of preparing a company income tax return, including practical examples.40.00 Inc VAT
18, June 2020Capital Expenditure Appraisal [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Capital projects are essential for an organisation.  It is not a rare occasion that a firm attains competitive advantages and greater standing in the market via capital projects.  Modigliani and …40.00 Inc VAT
23, June 2020Taxation of Passive Income - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]This seminar shall consider the taxation of passive income, including an overview of the relevant provisions contained within the Income Tax Act as well as cross border implications arising in …40.00 Inc VAT
30, June 2020The Legal Responsibilities of Directors - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The seminar will discuss rules on personal liability of directors of limited liability companies contained in a number of laws. Article 13 of the Interpretation Act prescribes that, in certain …40.00 Inc VAT
1, July 2020Customer Due Diligence | Best Practices - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is the cornerstone of an effective AML/CFT Programme.  It is therefore critically important to fully understand the salient legislative provisions and be in a position to …90.00 Inc VAT