Online Live Sessions

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5, October 2021Tax AccountingMalta operates a system of tax accounting whereby the company’s distributable profits are allocated to five tax accounts depending on the nature and source of the income and the tax …40.00 Inc VAT
7, October 2021DAC 6, 7 & 8This session is intended to cover the personal and objective scope of the latest additions to the Directive on Administrative Cooperation, including: DAC6 (the Tax Intermediaries Directive): the concept of …40.00 Inc VAT
12, October 2021Rent LawThe seminar will discuss the legal and tax regimes governing rent of residential property explaining the most recent developments.40.00 Inc VAT
13, October 2021Trading on the Malta Stock Exchange and Foreign MarketsThis course starts with some foundational instruction about the economy and how the stock market fits into the economy. Then, the course delves even further into the world of investments: …40.00 Inc VAT
14, October 2021IFRS UpdatesThis seminar will be delivered in two sessions. The content of the first part includes IFRS 16, IFRS 17 and the amendments to IFRS 3, IFRS 9, IFRS 10, IAS …80.00 Inc VAT
19, October 2021Tax ConsolidationMalta introduced the Tax Consolidation Rules which are being applied by various industries in Malta to be able to benefit the cash flow advantage vis-à-vis the partial tax refund system. During …40.00 Inc VAT
27, October 2021Economic Recovery after the COVID 19 PandemicJust as some patients recovering from Covid-19 suffer long-lasting symptoms, it’s becoming clear that the same will be true for the global economy once this year’s V-shaped rebound fades. While …40.00 Inc VAT
20, October 2021Mastering Presentation SkillsThis three hour interactive webinar will cover the key aspects of what it takes to deliver effective and powerful  presentations. The session will provide practical tips on three main areas: …40.00 Inc VAT
2, September 2021Modernising VAT: The New E-Commerce Package 2021E-commerce is probably at an all-time high due to the current pandemic crisis. An increasing number of companies are opting to trade through online platforms.  With that in mind, it …40.00 Inc VAT
7, September 2021Completing a VAT ReturnThe purpose of the session is to assist attendees with the completion of a VAT Return and to address various issues and difficulties which may arise with respect to VAT return …40.00 Inc VAT
28, September 2021Customer Due Diligence - Meeting Regulatory ExpectationsCustomer due diligence (CDD) is a fundamental component of an effective AML/CFT Compliance Programme.  As regulatory expectations increase it becomes ever more important to fully understand the salient legislative provisions …90.00 Inc VAT
15, September 2021Value Added Tax - Back to BasicsSession 1 – VAT Basics This session will cover the basic concepts based upon which the appropriate VAT treatment can be determined including: Groups of supplies How to arrive at …120.00 Inc VAT
9, September 2021Consolidations and Business CombinationsIFRS 10 requires a parent to present consolidated financial statements in which the financial statements of the parent and those entities which it controls are presented as those of a single …40.00 Inc VAT
14, September 2021Property Taxation - Sale and Rental of Immovable PropertyThe scope of this Seminar is to address the taxation in Malta on the sale and rental of immovable property.  The following topics will be specifically looked at: Taxation on …40.00 Inc VAT
16, September 2021Audit Evidence and DocumentationAudit regulators in various jurisdictions find a number of common problems when conducting external inspections of completed audit engagements. Obtaining and documenting sufficient appropriate evidence on which to base the auditor’s opinion is one of the …40.00 Inc VAT
30, September 2021Fiscal Aids to BusinessesThe Session will tackle into A refresher on the basic exemptions and deductions applicable to local businesses, including also an overview of the following: Double Taxation Relief The Maltese Tax …40.00 Inc VAT
23, September 2021The Malta Business Registry and Its Supervisory Role | The Role of the CSP - MFSA's Supervisory Approach & ExpectationsThe Malta Business Registry and Its Supervisory Role Dr Geraldine Spiteri Lucas will introduce this session with a brief overview of the new legal powers granted to the Registrar of Companies.  The …40.00 Inc VAT
1, September 2021Foundations, Associations & Voluntary Organisations - Repeat SessionFoundations & Associations The main players of the foundations and associations; The most important provisions of the Statute of foundations and associations; Various types of foundations and associations; Main obligations …40.00 Inc VAT