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21, January 2021Debt Collection - Malta | Online Live SessionGeneral Overview of Seminar: Executive Titles vis-à-vis debt collection; 166A Judicial Letter; Special summary proceedings for debt recovery; Precautionary Warrants; Executive Warrants; European Payment Order; Cross-Border Debt Collection; Hypotechs & …40.00 Inc VAT
4, February 2021Taxation of Foreign Sourced Income - Malta | Online Live SessionThis session shall deal with the tax treatment of foreign source income, at both a local and an international level in terms of double taxation treaties and EU Directives. The …40.00 Inc VAT
9, February 2021Distribution of Profits - Malta | Online Live SessionThis seminar will focus on the relevant Malta income tax considerations on the distribution of profits, mainly revolving around the full imputation system, tax accounting, tax implications arising from the various profits …40.00 Inc VAT
11, February 2021The Audit Report - Malta | Online Live SessionIn the current challenging economic and professional environment, keeping up to date with technical changes for external auditors is imperative. Presentation and classification are two important virtues that are present …40.00 Inc VAT
16, February 2021Relief from Double Taxation - Malta | Online Live SessionThis session concerns methods for the relief of double taxation in Maltese law. Specifically, the session shall delve into the following aspects of the subject: Economic double taxation (EDT) relief: …40.00 Inc VAT
17, February 2021Cost Reduction | Online Live SessionCost Reduction is philosophically the antithesis of Cost Cutting, but with the ability to get the same results that Cost Cutting achieves, spread over a longer period of time, more …40.00 Inc VAT
3, February 2021DAC 6 | Online Live SessionOn the 25th May 2018, the Council of the European Union (EU) adopted Council Directive (EU) 2018/822 amending Directive 2011/16/EU as regards the mandatory automatic exchange of information in the …40.00 Inc VAT
18, February 2021IAS 1 - Presentation of Financial Statements & IAS 7 Statements of Cash FlowA complete set of financial statements comprises a statement of financial position, a statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income, a statement of changes in equity and a …40.00 Inc VAT
22, February 2021The Importance of Delegation at the WorkplaceOrganisational innovation is at the heart of the modern organisation, that seeks to reinvent itself and keep abreast of technological and other developments within industry. In coping with such change, …40.00 Inc VAT
23, February 2021Completing a Value Added Tax (VAT) ReturnThis session will focus on the appropriate manner in which to fill in an Article 10 VAT return. Each separate field/box of the VAT return will be analyzed in detail …40.00 Inc VAT
2, March 2021Revisiting 2021 Value Added Tax (VAT) ChangesWith effect from 1st July 2021, there will be significant changes to VAT rules impacting businesses (EU and non-EU) engaged in the supply of goods to non-business customers; suppliers of …40.00 Inc VAT
25, February 2021Malta Business Registry (MBR) Company Obligations & Electronic SignaturesThe speakers will delve into the legal obligations by officers of Maltese companies and the statutory notifications that should be delivered to the Registrar for registration. The speakers will also …40.00 Inc VAT
4, March 2021Termination of Employment and the AftermathThis seminar will cover the various ways of terminating the employment relationship and the ensuing consequences which may result for both the employer and the employee. Constructive dismissal, redundancies, collective …40.00 Inc VAT
19, January 2021Taxation of Employment Income - Malta | Online Live SessionThe Seminar will address various aspects relating to the taxation of Employment Income, including: The distinction between self-employment and employment income Malta’s jurisdiction to tax employment income The correct compilation …40.00 Inc VAT
26, January 2021Arriving at the Tax Charge - Malta | Online Live SessionThe session shall include a general discussion in connection with the determination of chargeable income and how it could differ from accounting profit. During the seminar, we will be discussing …40.00 Inc VAT
28, January 2021Company Liquidation - Malta | Online Live SessionThe Maltese Companies Act contains detailed provisions on the dissolution and consequential winding up of companies. This course will analyse the two primary forms of liquidation under Maltese law: (a) …40.00 Inc VAT
2, February 2021Amendments to the Company Service Providers Act- Malta | Online Live SessionDuring this webinar the speakers will provide an outline of the implications of the amendments to the Company Service Providers Act as well as the MFSA’s expectations from company service …40.00 Inc VAT