Online Live Sessions

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3, September 2020Looking Ahead: The 2021 VAT Changes - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe VAT changes that will come into effect as from 2021 are part of a wider EU VAT Action Plan which spans a number of years and through which material …40.00 Inc VAT
9, September 2020Accounting for Assets: PPE, Investment Property & Intangible Assets - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONIn ensuring the correct and fair presentation of PPE, Investment Property & Intangible Assets, three different accounting standards, namely, IAS 16, IAS 38 and IAS 40 require analysis. During this …40.00 Inc VAT
10, September 2020Property Transfer Tax - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONWhat is the rate of final withholding tax; The four exceptions; Exclusion from final withholding tax; Transfer of property by a non-resident; Inheritance before or after November 1992; Property received …40.00 Inc VAT
15, September 2020Completion of a Typical VAT Return - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThis session is intended to assist the participants with the completion of a VAT Return and specifically, to address typical issues that would crop up when completing such returns. During …40.00 Inc VAT
16, September 2020VAT Back to Basics - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONSession 1 – VAT Basics This session will cover the basic concepts based upon which the appropriate VAT treatment can be determined including: Groups of supplies How to arrive at …120.00 Inc VAT
17, September 2020Audit & Technology - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONOptimizing audit quality is a common objective for all auditors, this is where the concept of data analytics becomes a useful tool for external auditors. Data analytics is made up …40.00 Inc VAT
22, September 2020Company Law Updates - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe first part of the seminar will tackle recent amendments to the company law following the transposition of the 5AMLD and other local initiatives for the enhancement of verification processes …40.00 Inc VAT
24, September 2020Fiscal Aids to Businesses - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThis session will endeavour to address the major fiscal benefits that businesses can avail of. In this context we will look into the deductions and exemptions that are available within …40.00 Inc VAT
9, July 2020Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) Implementation in Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive Implementation in Malta: What is ATAD? Rules on tax avoidance practices Rule on hybrid mismatches Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules Switchover rules Exit Taxation Interest Limitation General …40.00 Inc VAT
16, July 2020Board Committees - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]A board of directors is required to be effective. In order to achieve this it is necessary for board members to understand their individual responsibilities. The Board is also required …40.00 Inc VAT
21, July 2020AML Compliance: An International Perspective - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Formed in 1989, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an intergovernmental body comprising the Group of Seven industrialized nations to set standards and foster international action against money laundering. …40.00 Inc VAT
23, July 2020Corporate Governance - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]This seminar will deal with the following: the evolution and importance of good corporate governance; an overview of, and key concepts within the area; the roles and responsibilities of the …40.00 Inc VAT
7, July 2020Value Added Tax Malta 2020 - An Online ConferenceTuesday, 07 July 2020 9:00 | Introduction Louise Grima 9:05 | VAT – A Year in Review Kenneth Cremona This session will provide an overview of the most significant VAT …95.00 Inc VAT