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29, September 2020Duties & Responsibilities of a MLRO - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONIn terms of the Prevention of Money Laundering & Funding of Terrorism Regulations (PMLFTR) all Subject Persons are required to appoint a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO). The core function …40.00 Inc VAT
7, October 2020Company Law Updates - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe first part of the seminar will tackle recent amendments to the company law following the transposition of the 5AMLD and other local initiatives for the enhancement of verification processes …40.00 Inc VAT
24, September 2020Fiscal Aids to Businesses - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThis session will endeavour to address the major fiscal benefits that businesses can avail of. In this context we will look into the deductions and exemptions that are available within …40.00 Inc VAT
1, October 2020Consolidations & Business Combinations - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONConsolidations and business combinations are covered by IFRS 3, IFRS 10, and IFRS 12. IFRS 3 Business Combinations outlines the accounting when an acquirer obtains control of a business through an acquisition …40.00 Inc VAT
3, November 2020Transfer of Securities, Stamp Duty & Tax - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe seminar shall discuss different share transfer cases from both capital gains and a duty perspective.  The legislative framework shall be analysed and insights into the practical implementation aspects shall …40.00 Inc VAT
5, November 2020Accounting Technical Issues - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONPreparers of financial statements often face practical difficulties when applying accounting standards to certain technical areas of finance. In addition, the ever-evolving forms of economic activity present the practitioner with …40.00 Inc VAT
10, November 2020Tax Evasion, Avoidance, Mitigation & Tax Offences as a Predicate Offence - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe seminar will discuss Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance, Tax Mitigation, and penalties for infringement.40.00 Inc VAT
11, November 2020Fraudulent & Wrongful Trading - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONIn this seminar, the provisions of the Companies Act (Cap. 386 of the laws of Malta) relative to Wrongful Trading and Fraudulent Trading will be examined from both a legal …40.00 Inc VAT
12, November 2020COVID 19 Accounting Implications - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONAs COVID-19 fast developing pace continues globally, the pandemic is presenting entities with several challenges. The various implemented internal and external measures will impact business and economic activities in an …40.00 Inc VAT
24, November 2020Taxation and the Prevention of Money Laundering - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONOver the past two decades, there has been increasing sensitivity around tax evasion and facilitation thereof by financial institutions (FIs). This eventually led to the categorization of tax evasion as …40.00 Inc VAT
2, December 2020New Regulations on Shipping and Aviation - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONIn recent years, Malta has witnessed a significant growth in the aviation industry, whilst reaffirming its market-leading stature in the maritime sector. Malta’s growing success in the aviation and maritime …40.00 Inc VAT
3, December 2020Effective Budgeting & Cost Control - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONBudgetary control is the most widely used tool for planning and monitoring organizational activities. Budgets are inextricably linked with both strategy formulation and cost analysis. For this reason, it is …40.00 Inc VAT
25, November 2020FATCA & CRS - Theory and Practice - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThis seminar will cover all the basics Financial Institutions need to know about FATCA and CRS reporting regimes. It will be a workshop encompassing a discussion on the FATCA and …40.00 Inc VAT
9, December 2020VAT Updates - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe session will discuss recent and upcoming changes to the VAT and related legislation together with important VAT related judgements delivered recently by the Court of Justice of the European …40.00 Inc VAT
19, November 2020IFRS Updates - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThis seminar will be delivered in two sessions. The content of the first part includes IFRS 16, IFRS 17 and the amendments to IFRS 3, IFRS 9, IFRS 10, IAS …80.00 Inc VAT
10, December 2020Ratio Analysis - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONIn modern business, data is becoming ever more abundant. The challenge is turning that data into useful insights and actionable information. In this session we will discuss the importance of …40.00 Inc VAT
15, December 2020VAT Compliance, Obligations, Penalties & Assessments - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe session will delve in detail into the VAT compliance obligations of VAT registered persons. The session, which will be based on the principles established by the Maltese VAT Act …40.00 Inc VAT
6, October 2020The Basics of Rent Law - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe event will discuss the main concept of rent law in Malta.40.00 Inc VAT
8, October 2020Conflict Resolution at the Workplace | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONConflicts are a normal part of a work environment but they have to be managed and minimised in order to change conflict from an energy waster to an opportunity to …40.00 Inc VAT
13, October 2020Group Taxation - Fiscal Consolidation - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThis session will cover the Consolidated Group (Income Tax) Rules with the aim to provide participants with an understanding of the provisions of these rules, including the process of forming …40.00 Inc VAT
14, October 2020The Audit Fraud Triangle - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONThe primary responsibility for the prevention and detection of fraud has always been that of management and those charged with governance. However, the auditor would still have predetermined responsibilities to reduce …40.00 Inc VAT
15, October 2020GAPSME - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONLocal small and medium-sized companies are allowed to apply simplified accounting regulations (General Accounting Principles for Small and Medium-Sized Entities, commonly referred to as GAPSME), rather than International Financial Reporting …80.00 Inc VAT
20, October 2020Tax Accounting - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONDuring the session an overview of the Maltese tax accounting system will be provided, along with an explanation of the respective allocations, and the implications on the distribution of profits …40.00 Inc VAT
21, October 2020VAT Grouping - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONLegal Notice 162 of 2018 has introduced the possibility of VAT grouping in Malta. As a result, two or more legal persons established in Malta may apply to be registered …40.00 Inc VAT
29, October 2020VAT - Place of Supply Rules - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONMalta VAT is levied on supplies of goods and services which take place in Malta. The Third Schedule to the VAT Act lays down the rules for determining where a …40.00 Inc VAT
11, December 2020Managing Human Resources Performance in Difficult Scenarios - Malta | ONLINE LIVE SESSIONDifficult Scenarios affect organisational performance as employees are called to do more than what is expected from them under normal circumstances. Such scenarios provide challenges, both organisational and personal, which …40.00 Inc VAT