Online Live Sessions

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6, May 2020Recent Changes to the Taxation of Married Persons - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The seminar will discuss the reform to the spousal tax system explaining new rules relating to the submission of tax returns. The seminar will explain options that will become available …40.00 Inc VAT
5, May 2020Specific Aspects of VAT - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The course will be split over three sessions each dealing with specific aspects of VAT. During the first session, we will be discussing the VAT implications associated supplies of goods, …120.00 Inc VAT
7, May 2020Contributory Pensions & Third Pillar Pensions - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Contributory Pensions – Edward Buttigieg The Social Security Act (Chapter 318) provides for a Two-Thirds Pension Scheme and for a Retirement Pension Scheme with the first one providing an earnings-related …40.00 Inc VAT
7, May 2020Conducting Health & Safety Risk Assessments - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Introduction Following the introduction of employee health and safety legislation at the workplace, every organisation is legally obliged under Maltese legislation to carry out periodical risk assessments. Such risk assessments …199.00 Inc VAT
19, May 2020Malta Enterprise Support Measures - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Businesses in several sectors may avail themselves of various support measures.  Malta Enterprise supports most activities but places specific emphasis on those business and entrepreneurs committed towards growth, innovation, development …40.00 Inc VAT
21, May 2020Arriving at the Tax Charge - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The Seminar will analyse various permutations and adjustments that need to be taken into consideration when calculating the tax due. Although the seminar will focus principally on the tax charge due …40.00 Inc VAT
28, May 2020Management Accounts [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Most business managers know the importance of finance in business but fewer are aware of the potential that management accounting has.  It can transform the accounting process into an opportunity …40.00 Inc VAT
27, May 2020Deferred Taxation Explained - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Deferred tax has always been a topic which is perceived by many accountants as problematic. Deferred tax follows the underlying principles of the accruals concept, whereby, any future tax liabilities …40.00 Inc VAT
3, June 2020General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR - Malta {ONLINE LIVE SESSION]This training session will explore the requirements brought about following the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and the changes which this regulation introduced compared to previous data protection …40.00 Inc VAT
20, May 2020Value Added Tax Obligations - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The session will focus on the main VAT obligations including: VAT Chargeability – Who is obliged to charge Maltese VAT? VAT Registrations – Who is obliged to register for Maltese …40.00 Inc VAT
13, May 2020Presentation Skills [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Conducting presentations has become a must for every manager and no matter what they cannot escape the reality that their effectiveness if often measured, by how well they present their …40.00 Inc VAT
21, April 2020Fundamentals of Finance for Non Accountants [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The ability to understand, interpret and decide upon financial information that can help improve business performance and profitability. Sitting down in management meetings, listening to finance jargon and feeling lost …199.00 Inc VAT
1, April 2020Termination of Employment & Employment Related COVID 19 Measures - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]This seminar will cover the various ways of terminating the employment relationship and the ensuing consequences which may result for both the employer and the employee. Constructive dismissal, redundancies, collective …40.00 Inc VAT
2, April 2020Cash Flow Forecasting [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Cash is an essential aspect for an organisation, which is sometimes referred to as the lifeblood of the firm.  In this presentation attention is devoted to five key factors, which …40.00 Inc VAT
14, April 2020GAPSME - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]Through Legal Notice 289 of 2015, effective for financial reporting periods commencing on or after 1st January 2016, the General Accounting Principles for Small and Medium Entities (GAPSME) became the …40.00 Inc VAT
16, April 2020Narrowing the Expectations Gap - Challenges Faced by Auditors in Today's Ever Changing Economy [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]It is a well-known fact that auditors and the public hold different views about the auditors’ duties and responsibilities in providing an opinion on a given set of financial statements. …40.00 Inc VAT
21, April 2020Payroll - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION}This course is aimed to assist the participant to be able to: Describe the purpose of important entities such as Jobsplus, Office of the Commissioner for Revenue and Social Security …80.00 Inc VAT
23, April 2020Interpretation of Financial Statements [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The financial statements are considered a useful source of information for ordinary shareholders and stakeholders in order to take an effective decision.  The financial statements of an organisation will be …40.00 Inc VAT
28, April 2020Tax Refunds - Malta [ONLINE LIVE SESSION]The seminar will analyse the refundable tax credit system from both a theoretical and practical perspective. In particular the seminar will analyse the circumstances where the full refund, 6/7ths, 5/7ths …40.00 Inc VAT